Alissa Daire Nelson for Mounds View School Board

(ISD 621)

Alissa Daire Nelson

Vote for Alissa Daire Nelson for Mounds View School Board on November 7th, 2023.

Alissa is proudly Teacher Endorsed

The other 3 Teacher Endorsed candidates are:

Heidi Danielson, Jim DeMay & Jonathan Weinhagen

Alissa, Joel, Avery & Annika

Children are our future – my kids, your kids, all kids.

That’s why I’m running. I believe we need to elevate, support, teach, appropriately protect and respect these young humans to be the best versions of themselves.

EVERY. Single. Student. deserves to feel like they belong at the school they attend. Belonging is the feeling of security and support when there is a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity. It happens when a student can bring their authentic self to school without fear.

I believe our job as parents, school staff and community members is to raise great adults, not just “good kids”. 

This means we need to support them as diligent learners, critical thinkers, empathetic classmates and compassionate community members.

EVERY CHILD deserves a great education and the best teachers who have the resources they need to teach. They need to have an environment where they feel psychologically safe, not just physically safe. We need to support their mental health as much as their physical health. We need to do what we can to remove barriers to their highest success, individually and systemically.

By the numbers, the students in ISD 621 are doing well; however, I believe their success and wellbeing is about more than simply test scores. We know that when people ARE well, they DO well. Wellness takes a multipronged, multilayered approach.



Alissa Daire Nelson’s Priorities


Support inclusive, complete curriculum

Students deserve to learn accurate history, that includes uncomfortable truths. They benefit from learning about a wide array of cultures. Students of all backgrounds deserve to see themselves in the curriculum they are taught. 


Increase support, awareness, and funding for mental health services & wellbeing

This includes services and programs in the schools as well as community partnerships for family and out-of-school support.


Ensure teachers have adequate resources to teach effectively

This includes school supplies, yes, but even more so, staff support for challenging classroom behavior, wellbeing support, and the ability to teach district-approved curriculum with the support of the family and community while families maintain their own autonomy.


Improve family - staff - school board collaboration & communication

When the adults in the room work together for the highest interests of the students, everyone wins. Improved and transparent avenues and processes for communication, collaboration, challenging conversations, and problem-solving are vital to preparing EVERY student to be successful. 

Alissa Daire Nelson’s Core Values

Throughout this campaign and as a member of School Board, I will bring these values with me:

Communicate – with transparency, clarity, and courageous vulnerability.

Respect the Whole Person – Approach every person and every situation with curiosity, grace, positive intent and respectful boundaries.

Build on a Foundation of Strengths – Uncover and amplify them in all situations with all people.

Seek the Collective WisdomIntentionally seek diverse thoughts, backgrounds, skills, and perspectives of our families, students, staff, and of the communities we serve.

Measure What Matters – Track, measure and celebrate the most meaningful indicators and metrics correlated with growth and success.

Local Elections Matter. Your Voice Matters.

No election has more immediate, local impact than that of the School Board. The decisions the School Board makes affects real families, students, and staff right here, right now. Yet, because campaign funding is incredibly small, these elections get very little visibility and historically poor turnout. The entire ADN for School Board Campaign is determined to change that. 

Voting is your most effective tool to put competent, caring, invested elected officials into places of decision-making. Choose wisely. Choose loudly. VOTE.

Get Involved

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, have a lot of time or have just a few minutes, have a specific skill or gift to offer or you’re not quite sure where you’d fit, there are places for you to help. Every ounce of that energy, effort, time, and skill is appreciated! Please consider joining our volunteer team!


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Mounds View Education Association Endorsed
Mounds View Education Association Endorsed

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